The Dunoon and Usasaza MyCiTi stations were introduced in 2013 to provide residents with safe, convenient, affordable access to quality public transport. Both were severely damaged during protest action in recent years.

The planned repair of the stations means restoring smoother, safer access to MyCiTi, with shelter from the weather, kiosk services to buy and load cards for travel, and smoother access for wheelchairs, prams and bicycles.

Construction is planned to continue until September 2025, when the stations will link passengers to Century City, Table View and the CBD, where they can easily transfer to other routes and public transport services.

Based on lessons learned, the new stations will include stronger building materials and added security measures to better protect against damage and vandalism. The sites will be fenced with a security presence while work is underway. Residents are urged to help protect these community assets and ensure the safety of our teams by reporting vandalism, theft and safety concerns.

Regrettably, the specialised work required means that there are very limited job and subcontracting opportunities. This typically forms part of new construction projects.

Residents are invited to a public information day to find out more about the planned work.

Find out More

Join us at a public information day to find out more about the planned work and how it will impact you.

Date:Wednesday 3 April 2024

Venue: Dunoon Hall, Waxberry Street