MyCiTi will soon link residents of Pioneer Valley with safe, affordable public transport to Parklands, Table View and beyond.

As of 28 August 2021, some buses on the 214 MyCiTi route will connect with Pioneer Valley before travelling onward through Parklands to Table View station and Marine Circle.

Residents of Pioneer Valley can catch the bus from the new Hawking stop on Discovery Drive and transfer at Table View station to routes serving other destinations along the MyCiTi network, from Atlantis in the north to the CBD and all the way to Hout Bay in the south.

This new route will initially run as a limited service to test demand in Pioneer Valley. The Hawking stop will also make use of a temporary pole to confirm that it is best placed to serve this growing area.

Plan your journey

Use our trip planner for suggestions on what times to catch the bus, what routes to take, and any transfers you need to make to get to your final destination. You can also make a free call to 0800 65 64 63 for help, 24/7.

 Get your card and get going

New passengers need a myconnect card loaded with value to pay for fares. Fares are calculated based on the distance you travel. Get your card for R35 and save by loading a Mover package from only R20 at MyCiTi station kiosks and retailers.

The closest retailer to Pioneer Valley is: Caltex Fresh Stop, Parklands.