Fares are changing on 1 July 2021 but we're keeping them as low as we possibly can

Our fares are reviewed annually as part of the City of Cape Town's annual budget process. We know times are tough, so we are keeping costs as low as we can. Our distance-based fares will increase but most costs remain unchanged so you can still enjoy great value for money with safe, convenient, quality public transport.

Get a card without paying more

You need a myconnect card loaded with money to use MyCiTi. The myconnect card is a bank card which expires, so remember to check the expiry date. They are available from any station kiosk and participating retailers. Keep your myconnect slip card in a safe place.

myconnect card: R35

Card expiry replacement fee: R22



Ideal for a once-off journey, single-trip cards are available at any MyCiTi station kiosk. Each card is valid for a single trip anywhere on the MyCiTi system within two years of purchase. To get the real benefit of the MyCiTi service, opt for a myconnect card instead.

Single-trip card (exc Airport): R30

Single-trip card (inc Airport): R85

Mover fares - save all day long

 Distance band Peak Fare Off-peak (Saver) Fare Example journeys
0-5km 9.90 7.40 Omuramba – Century City Rail
5-10km 13.00 9.60 Salt River – Civic Centre
10-20km 17.60 12.80 Dunoon – Civic Centre
20-30km 20.40 15.60 Big Bay - Civic Centre
30-40km 22.10 16.90 Melkbosstrand – Sea Point
40-50km 23.50 19.10 Atlantis – Century City
50-60km 25.80 21.50 Atlantis  - Adderley
60km+ 27.90 23.60 Hout Bay - Atlantis

Standard fares

Distance Band Peak Fare Off-peak (Saver) Fare Example journeys
0-5km 11.90 8.90 Omuramba – Century City Rail
5-10km 15.60 11.50 Salt River – Civic Centre
10-20km 21.10 15.40 Dunoon – Civic Centre
20-30km 24.50 18.60 Big Bay - Civic Centre
30-40km 26.50 20.30 Melkbosstrand – Sea Point
40-50km 28.30 22.90 Atlantis – Century City
50-60km 30.90 25.70 Atlantis  - Adderley
60km+ 33.50 28.30 Hout Bay - Atlantis

Pay less to connect with the Airport

* Please note that the Airport service remains temporarily suspended due to Covid-19

The Airport premium charge is charged in addition to the distance-based fare when you tap in or out at the Airport station.

Airport premium charge if travelling with Standard: R49
Airport premium charge if travelling with Mover: R41

Load a package and save

Mover packages

The smallest Mover package has been reduced to R20 so more passengers can enjoy the benefits. Other packages are available in R50, R60, R80, R100, R150, R200, R300, R400 and R600. Load a Mover package at a station kiosk, cash-accepting Absa ATM or participating retailer and save on fares at all times.

Day Passes

Enjoy unlimited travel on all routes for 1, 3 or 7 days.

1 Day Pass: R70
3 Day Pass: R160
7 Day Pass: R230

Monthly Pass

Enjoy unlimited travel on as many routes as you wish for one calendar month.

Monthly Pass: R790


Penalty charges apply if you don’t tap in or out correctly. Tap in by holding your card against the validator whenever you enter a station or board a bus at a stop and tap out by doing the same when you leave.

First two penalties: R15
Subsequent penalties: R30
Penalty at Airport station: R84
Full fare evasion penalty: R427