Life is a whole lot easier with access to a reliable, quality public transport service. MyCiTi opens up a world of possibilities for shopping without the hassle of parking, attending a place of worship, spending a day at the beach, browsing Cape Town’s many markets, or visiting friends and families. Stretch your rands and pay 30% less outside weekday peak hours.


Healthier lifestyle

Load a package and get going

Save with Mover at all times

With MyCiTi, there's no need to carry cash. Get your card for R35 from a MyCiTi station kiosk and load a Mover package to pay for the distance you travel, grouped into distance bands. You save even more by travelling outside the weekday peak of 06:45-08:00 and 16:15-17:30. 

  • Tap in and tap out for your fare to be automatically deducted from the balance on your card
  • Transfer from one route to another within 45 minutes and pay only one fare for the total distance travelled
  • Mover packages are available in the following amounts: R20, R50, R60, R80, R100, R150, R200, R300, R400 or R600. 
  • Mover points valid for 3 years so you needn't worry about value expiring

What passengers love about MyCiTi

Lindy Mkalipi

" I have been using MyCiTi since it started in Mitchells Plain. The thing I like most is feeling safe on the bus, it’s a great service.”

Asemahle Mandela

"For the last three years I have been using MyCiTi. It’s easy and convenient to use.”

Suzanne Holste

" MyCiTi is a great service. I have been using it for a couple of years now and compared to other countries in Europe, MyCiTi is fantastic.”

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