Our fares are reviewed annually as part of the City of Cape Town's annual budget process. We know times are tough and that is why we’re keeping fares as low as possible.

Our Mover and Standard fares will increase because of the increase in the fuel price. But, most other costs remain unchanged so you can still enjoy great value for money with safe, reliable, quality public transport.

Mover remains the preferred way to get around: 

  • We have reduced the smallest Mover package to R20 so that even more people can enjoy the MyCiTi bus service. The Monthly Pass remains R790. So, regular passengers can continue to enjoy unlimited travel without paying more

We continue to welcome new passengers aboard, be it for environmental reasons, to avoid the stress and hassle of driving or parking, or to save money.

We have good news:

  • a myconnect card will still cost R35
  • If you want to first try out our service you can still get a single-trip card from stations for R30
  • Anyone visiting Cape Town for a short stay can still enjoy unlimited travel for 1, 3 or 7 days by loading Day Passes on your myconnect card. Day Passes also remain unchanged at R70, R160 and R230.

Passengers are reminded to keep on wearing a mask to cover the nose and mouth, to practice social distancing, wash or sanitise hands often, and to keep the windows open for fresh air. If you can, travel in the off-peak and if you want to avoid crowds, please wait for another bus.

For details about the new fares that apply from 1 July 2021, click here