Presenting the commuter with all the available scheduled public transport options and those in private vehicles with various routes for reaching their destinations, the TCT app will make it significantly easier for residents and visitors to move around the city.

‘The development of this app is indicative of the City’s commitment to cutting-edge technological solutions in times of increasing urbanisation where mobility is crucial if we are to realise our full potential. It also creates a platform for the City and the residents to communicate with one another about transport-related issues. This app is guaranteed to be a game changer in terms of how we use public transport and interact with each other,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron.

The system maps of all the scheduled public transport services across the city – from the MyCiTi bus service, to Metrorail and the Golden Arrow Bus Service (GABS) – are available on the app. These maps specify each service provider’s routes, stations and stops.  

First of all, the app will tell commuters which mode – bus or rail, or combination of the two – to use to reach their destination, inclusive of a list of options of the various transport service operators in their vicinity; where to find the closest and most convenient stops and stations; the distance to the stop or station; how to get there; the departure times; arrival times; the estimated cumulative cost for the entire journey; and the estimated duration of the journey, inclusive of the time it will take to walk to a station or stop.

The TCT app will enable those using private transport to plan their journeys by offering different route options – indicating the distance to the destination, the estimated travel time, and any matters of concern along the route such as accidents, roadworks, detours, and traffic delays.

‘Furthermore, the app will inform you of useful places along the way such as accommodation, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, fueling stations and police stations. It can find places of interest close to you and keep you informed of these en route. Once residents get the hang of it, they will not only use the app to move around the city, but also to explore their city,’ said Councillor Herron.

Further to the convenient journey planning function, the TCT app will enable users to report transport-related matters such as potholes, faulty traffic lights, flooding, accidents and bad driver behaviour directly to the City. The exact location can be easily recorded if the GPS is on and the user will have the option of attaching a photo with the message to the City.

Through this app, users will also have immediate access to notifications about bus and train delays; service interruptions; accidents; roadworks; road closures; or any other transport-related issue that may have an impact on their journey.

‘Our residents are central to everything we do at the City and we have developed this app with the sole purpose of making their lives easier. The TCT app will also assist us in building a well-run and more efficient city, be it through improved public transport services or fixing a traffic light or a pothole,’ said Councillor Herron.

The app will also enable commuters to locate their closest myconnect-outlet for MyCiTi-related services, including the distance to the outlet, the services that these outlets offer (top-up, mover packages, myconnect card sales), the trading hours, and contact numbers.

The TCT app will be available for the following smart phones: Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and Blackberry and under the name ‘TCT’ (look for the red logo).

Users with Android phones can download the app from Google Play – search under ‘TCT’; and those with Windows phones can search for the app in the Windows Store, type in ‘TCT’. Users with iPhones should be able to download the TCT app from the App Store within the next 24 hours and those with Blackberry phones should be able to download the app from Blackberry World within the next 48 hours.

To register, users have to enter their mobile numbers with the additional option of entering an e-mail address.

‘The TCT app sets a new benchmark for public transport in the country and the City is, once again, proud to be at the forefront of technologically inspired solutions to 21st century challenges. We urge our residents to download the TCT app on their mobile phones as it becomes available and to register and take advantage of the amazing benefits it has to offer,’ said Councillor Herron.