There will be timetable improvements to routes T01, D05, 261 and 107 with effect from 29 July 2023, in response to the growing popularity of these services.

  • The 261 route will operate every 7 minutes at peak times and every 14 minutes in the off peak and on weekends. Buses on the portion between Omuramba and Century City will operate every 21 minutes.
  • Two additional early morning trips will depart on routes T01 from Civic Centre at 05:27 and 05:42 and returning from the Stables stop in Dunoon at 17:47 and 17:54.
  • Two additional trips will be added to route D05 from Dunoon at 06:26 and 06:38 and returning from the Waterfront at 16:39 and 16:47. 
  • Buses on route 107 will run more frequently in the morning and afternoon peak periods to cater for the uptake in ridership. More substantial schedule changes are planned for the 106 and 107 routes in the near future.