Passengers on routes T01, T02 and D05 can look forward to a little less time in traffic in the afternoons, thanks to the activation of a smart “reversible” bus lane in Milnerton.

The 1.7km stretch of MyCiTi red road between Loxton and Broad Roads currently only serves buses from Table View toward the Civic Centre station. Buses travelling in the opposite direction operate in mixed traffic due to the limited road space available for a red lane alongside the lagoon.

With effect from Saturday 29 June 2024, this portion of red road will become a reversible lane in order to also benefit passengers returning home toward Table View in the afternoon. A smart, technology system will monitor and control the use of the lane:

  • Buses travelling towards the city centre will use the red lane daily from start of service until 12:00.
  • Buses travelling towards Table View will daily use the red lane daily from 13:00 until end of service.
  • The lane will not be in use from 12:00 to 13:00 daily.

Digital information display boards will indicate to bus drivers whether each end of the lane is “OPEN” or “CLOSED” depending on the time of day. Thermal cameras have been installed to detect unauthorised vehicles. The use of the lane will also be actively monitored via CCTV cameras. If any problem is detected, both red bus lane signs will revert to closed and an alarm will be raised.

This creative use of a single lane ensures that the majority of passengers enjoy the time-saving benefits of a dedicated lane in both directions