MyCiTi will introduce two new stops in Khayelitsha, two in Atlantis and one in Woodstock on 23 March 2024.

The two new stops in Atlantis include one that will provide safer access to a local primary school, while two new stops will be added to the DO2 route in Khayelitsha.

In Woodstock, a new stop will be added next to an existing public transport stop allowing smoother transfers between other public transport services and MyCiTi.

These improvements were confirmed after a detailed technical assessment of the need and viability of these stops and a public participation process in 2023.


New Stop Area Closest Road Intersection Routes Served
Hermeslaan Primary Atlantis Hermes Avenue and Kent Crescent 233 Saxonsea – Atlantis 245 Saxonsea – Goede Hoop – Atlantis
Denne Central Atlantis Frans Street and Dennesingel Road 246 Mamre (Frans) – Atlantis T02 Atlantis – Table View – Civic Centre
Ncumo East Khayelitsha Intersection of Ntlazane Road and Ncumo Road D02 Khayelitsha West – Civic Centre
Makhanya Khayelitsha Mew Way (between Sigwele Avenue and Pama Road) D02 Khayelitsha West – Civic Centre
Brook Woodstock Albert Road and Brook Street (adjacent to the existing City public transport stop) 261 Century City Rail – Omuramba – Salt River – Adderley