From 7 September, there are important changes to MyCiTi services in the Table View area.

These include the opening of three stations along Blaauwberg Road and the launch of four permanent routes serving Parklands and Big Bay.

The following changes will be made (see map below):

• The main route service to and from Civic Centre (T01) will continue along Blaauwberg Road to Wood station, stopping at Table View station and the new Grey and Janssens stations.

• The current area routes – F14, F15 and F16 – will be replaced by four new routes:
213 West Beach – Table View – Sunningdale
214 Big Bay – Table View – Parklands
215 Sunningdale – Gie Road – Wood
216 Sunningdale – Wood Drive - Wood

• Wood station will become a new transfer point for passengers travelling from Sunningdale along route 215 via Gie Road and route 216 along Wood Drive. Both of these routes will end at Wood station, where passengers can transfer to T01 along Blaauwberg Road to Table View station and on to the Civic Centre station.

• On weekdays, some buses on route T01 will continue to the V&A Waterfront between 5:30 and 9:00 in the morning and from the V&A Waterfront to Wood station between 15:45 and 18:15 in the afternoon.

• Two new parking areas will open at the intersection of Blaauwberg Road and Wood Drive, which will be available for passengers wishing to park and ride.

• A new cycle lane with priority signals for cyclists has been built on the island in the middle of Blaauwberg Road. This will soon connect all the way to Potsdam Road, giving cyclists safe passage along this busy route.

The opening of Janssens, Grey and Wood stations on 7 September gives people more opportunities to buy myconnect cards and to load money for MyCiTi Standard fares or Mover packages (points), with savings of more than 20%.

Wood station will be open from 05:15 to 23:10 on weekdays and from 05:45 to 23:10 on weekends and public holidays. Grey and Janssens stations will be open from 05:15 to 23:05 on weekdays and from 05:45 to 23:05 on weekends and public holidays. 

The new fare system allows passengers to break their journeys at any station or stop for 45 minutes and then transfer or continue in the same direction as a single journey. This will be particularly convenient for quick shopping trips en route in the vicinity of Wood and  Table View stations.

Signage is being replaced on all stops, shelters and stations with details of the new routes and schedules.


View maps of the changes taking place on 7 September below:

Come celebrate with us

Join Marvin, the MyCiTi mascot, at Wood station at 14:00 on Sunday 8 September to celebrate the opening of the new routes and services. Bring your bicycle along or take a walk in the spring sunshine.