MyCiTi System map - Effective 28 October 2017

More choices for Atlantis passengers

Since the launch of MyCiTi services in Atlantis in 2014, there has been a steady increase in passenger demand. In response, MyCiTi is adding several new stops, and more direct routes and express services.

Five new stops
The following new stops are being introduced
• Atlantis Cemetery, which will serve routes 235, 234, 234a and 243;
• Swift, which will serve routes 237 and 242;
• Marigold, serving routes 232, 232a and 241;
• Avondale, serving routes 232, 232a and 241; and
• Grosvenor North serving route 233.

New express service to city centre
This new express route will help cut the journey time between Atlantis and the city centre. The X02 Atlantis – Table View – Civic Centre route will travel from Atlantis station, stopping at Sandown, Porterfield and Table View stations, and then Racecourse, Woodbridge and Woodstock stations before arriving at Civic Centre station.

More stops between Atlantis and Table View
A new stop, Berkshire West, has been introduced on the T03 route, which makes it convenient for Atlantis residents to access the new Table Bay Mall.

The Brittlestar stop near Melkbosstrand will now serve both directions of travel, and there are four new stops along the R27, Koeberg Power Station, Duynefontein, Melkbosch and Birkenhead, serving the T02 and T03 routes.

A direct route from Atlantis to Century City
The T03 route from Atlantis to Omuramba via Table View will be extended to Century City, offering passengers in Atlantis a direct route without having to transfer at Omuramba. This will help people working or shopping in the busy Century City area.

Schedule changes: Atlantis area

Route T03 Atlantis – Table View  – Century City
The first bus from Atlantis will depart at 04:24, with buses operating every 24 minutes in the off peak to better match demand.

Route 231 Atlantis – Atlantis Industria East
The 07:10 weekday departure will be adjusted to leave at 07:15.

Route 232/232a Atlantis – Atlantis Industria West  
The first bus will depart at 04:30 and buses will operate every 30 minutes from 08:00.

Route 234/234a Atlantis – Mamre
Mamre passengers will benefit from more direct services to Civic Centre via Atlantis station on route T02 and will not have to change buses. The service will start at 05:03.

Route 235 Atlantis – Pella
Passengers will have more direct services to Omuramba and Century City without having to transfer at Atlantis station. The service will start at 05:25, with buses every 60 minutes in the off peak.

Route 236 Atlantis – Sherwood  
The service will start at 04:49, with buses every 30 minutes in the off peak.

Atlantis map

Atlantis timetables

Extra buses for Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain

Passengers can enjoy a more frequent service, with extra buses being added during peak times on the D01, D02, D03 and D04 routes. There will be buses every 5 minutes on D01 and D02, and every 12 minutes on D03 and D04 in the morning peak. Passengers in Mitchells Plain should note that some D04 buses will skip Mitchells Plain station.

Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain timetables

Changes in Melkbosstrand

There will be several important changes to services in Melkbosstrand and Duynefontein.

Route 217 Table View – Big Bay – Melkbosstrand will terminate at Melkbosstrand station and no longer travel to Melkbosch Village. Route 230 – Duynefontein – Melkbosstrand will connect with the 217 route at Melkbosstrand station and continue via the Melkbosch village stop (formerly called Melkbosch) to Duynefontein. This means that passengers connecting between Table View and Duynefontein no longer need to transfer at Melkbosstrand station. Route 230 service will no longer serve the Atlantic Beach, Brittlestar and Waratah stops. Passengers can still use the Atlantic Beach and Brittlestar stops on T03. The Waratah stop will be discontinued and a new stop Birkenhead will be opened on the R27.

Melkbosstrand Map

Melkbosstrand timetables

Peak service links Parklands, Dunoon and CBD

The expansion of the Table View and Parklands area is continuing apace, bringing with it the need for more MyCiTi routes. In response to customer feedback, a new, peak-only T01 service will be launched linking residents in Parklands with the city centre, without the need to transfer at Table View station any longer.

The new T01d Dunoon – Parklands – Civic Centre route will travel from Dunoon along Malibongwe Drive and Sandown Road into Parklands and onward to Civic Centre via Table View station. This will provide passengers in Dunoon with a shorter, more direct route to Parklands and its shopping and business hub during the peak.

Four new MyCiTi bus stops – Dartford, Morningfield, Discovery and Sandown East – have been placed along Parklands Main and Sandown roads to give the growing number of people living or working here a convenient link to the service. 

More express options
Passengers using the X01 express route from Table View station to Civic Centre, via Racecourse, Woodbridge and Woodstock stations, have more options with the introduction of the X02 express route from Atlantis to Civic Centre via Table View.

Schedule changes: Table View area

Route T01 Dunoon – Table View – Civic Centre  – Waterfront
The timetable will be adjusted to reduce the transfer time at Table View and Racecourse stations. Buses will operate more often (every 12 minutes) during the off peak to better match demand.

Route 213 West Beach – Table View – Sunningdale

The off-peak frequency will be adjusted to 32 minutes.

Route 214 Marine Circle – Table View – Parklands

Passengers using this route will benefit from direct services, using the new T01d route to Civic Centre, without having to transfer at Table View station.

Route 215 Sunningdale – Gie Road – Wood

The service will now start at 05:36 during the week.

Table View Map

Table View timetables

Better links with Century City

The main T03 route will be extended from Omuramba to Century City providing a new, direct link between Century City, Table View and Atlantis.

Schedule changes: Century City area

Route 251 Century City – Montague Gardens
Buses will travel every 12 minutes in the peak and every 24 minutes in the off peak.

Century City to CBD map

Century City to CBD timetables