The annual MyCiTi fare increase takes effect on 1 July 2014, following the adoption of the City's annual budget.

In addition to inflation-linked fare increases, additional distance bands have been added to the MyCiTi fare model. All fare increases remain comparable to those of other public transport services.

2014/2015 fares

The new fares and distance bands are as follows:

Myconnect card

The cost of a myconnect card will increase from R25 to R35. From 1 October 2014 a single trip ticket will become available. From this date until further notice, MyCiTi passengers will no longer be able to resell their myconnect cards at station kiosks. Passengers who wish to resell myconnect cards should do so by 30 September 2014 in compliance with the card terms and conditions. Until then, passengers will receive the price they paid for the card minus an administration charge of R10.

Distance bands

MyCiTi’s fare system is based on the distance travelled. Due to the longer routes in the expanding MyCiTi system, the number of distance bands has been increased from six to eight. Fares will be charged according to these new bands. See tables above.

Mover packages

MyCiTi makes available different Mover packages, each with different bundles of points loaded on myconnect cards. Commuters using Mover will save at least 30% on all fares. An additional Mover package will be available, reducing the lowest cost package from R80 to R50.

Transfers at no extra cost

MyCiTi passengers can transfer between buses without having to pay an additional boarding charge, provided they meet certain conditions. This allows passengers to interrupt their trip without paying an extra fare, for example, to drop a child at school on the way to work or to shop on the way home.

Both these conditions must be met:

  1. The time between the tap out from and the next tap in to either a MyCiTi bus or station must be less than 45 minutes. 
  2. The tap in to the bus or station must be done within 2 hours and 30 minutes of the original tap in on that journey. This has been increased from the previous 2 hour period, due to the introduction of longer routes.

Premium monthly pass

The current Airport monthly ticket will be replaced by a new premium monthly pass which will allow two journeys, including transfers, per day on any routes and for any distance. The pass, which must be loaded on a myconnect card, is valid for one month and costs R680.

Travelling for more than 4 hours

If you use the system for more than 4 hours without tapping out, a user fare of R22 on all routes, and R72 if you use the Airport route, will be charged, in addition to your boarding fare.


The penalty for failing to tap in or out correctly will be reduced from R76 to R72 for Airport trips, and from R24 to R22 on all other routes. If significant fare evasion is experienced, these amounts will be increased.

The penalty for fare evasion is temporarily kept at R200, but will soon be increased to R246. Notice of this change will be given in the press.

Additional changes

Other improvements and innovations to the fare system will follow shortly. Watch the press for details.