There’s so much to do, and so many places to go, with children in Cape Town – getting around with MyCiTi doubles the fun, and teaches children to become smart passengers of the future.

For children, young and old, MyCiTi offers a whole new sense of excitement to living in Cape Town. A day out at the beach, the park, the mall, the movies — even just to explore the CBD — becomes an occasion. For the little ones, it’s a chance to try something different with the family. For older children and teenagers, MyCiTi represents freedom to move without always having an adult with them.

For parents there’s peace of mind, knowing that the service is scheduled with fixed stops and stations and having access to information about routes, schedules and fares. MyCiTi also has a reputation as being safe and reliable, with the accent on universal access in the true sense, which means it’s designed for everyone, of every age and ability, to use in security and comfort.

Why not plan a family outing using MyCiTi? Take a look at one of the maps on the website, and the handy activity map, and you’ll be surprised at how many great places there are to visit. All the fun of Cape Town is just a stop away.

Plan your journey

The technology is easy to use and educational, introducing children to how the modern world of information works. Involve them in planning your excursion, sharing the maps on the website, and using the handy trip planner to plot your beginning and end points. You can also use the fare calculator to work out how much the journey will cost.

Get your myconnect card

Invest in a myconnect card for each family member. Children aged four years and under travel free.

Tap in when you board

When the bus arrives, your children will enjoy the thrill of tapping in and finding a seat next to the window for the ride. Show them the priority seats and tell them why older people, pregnant ladies, moms with babies and others with special needs need tohave those seats. If they have their bikes and skateboards with them, show them the special bicycle and wheelchair storage space in the front, so they don’t inconvenience other passengers.

Tap out when you leave

When you get to your stop, encourage your children to move to the front door in good time and to tap out correctly. Remember to check that you haven’t left anything behind.

Help is a call away

When children travel without adult supervision, it’s important to ensure that they have enough money on their myconnect cards for travel, and that they know the number for the Transport Information Centre. Friendly operators are there to give advice on routes, fares and timetables.