A brand new public transport interchange is proposed for Vuyani, with facilities for minibus-taxi operators and commuters travelling to Mfuleni, Eerste River, Blackheath, Kuils River and Lwandle.

The new facility will be located on the corner of Spine Road and Jeff Masemola Road, adjacent to the existing Vuyani meat market in Khayelitsha.

The public are invited to attend an open day and to submit their comments by 26 October 2022.

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The City is inviting the public to an information day about the draft concept plan for this project.

  • Date: Tuesday, 11 October 2022
  • Venue: Blue Hall on the corner of Bekelentloko Street and Hlomela Street, behind the Philani nutrition centre, Town Two in Khayelitsha
  • Time: 14:00 to 19:00

Residents and interested parties are also encouraged to submit comments by 26 October 2022:

Project background

The proposed Vuyani Public Transport Interchange (PTI) will be located on the site of the current, informal minibus-taxi facility within Silvertown, Khayelitsha, south of the N2 highway and Spine Road. The site is adjacent to a popular meat market, which attracts a significant amount of foot traffic.

The current informal facility serves minibus-taxis but it has no holding area, loading aisles, roof canopy or any covered shelter, parking bays and no queuing platforms or other facilities for passengers. Passengers generally queue informally, which sometimes overflows into the neighbouring meat market.

There are currently 59 operating licenses with five local routes operating from the facility, serving approximately 3 000 commuters daily.

MyCiTi’s N2 Express services currently operate along Spine Road with a bus stop located across the road from the facility and another close by along Govan Mbeki Road. A permanent bus stop is also planned within convenient walking distance from the PTI to connect with Phase 2A of MyCiTi services


This project focuses on the construction of the formal Public Transport Interchange (PTI) but is one of several projects associated with the entire PTI Precinct in future.

The proposal for this project includes:

  • A roof canopy covering six aisles - five loading lanes and one bypass lane
  • A dedicated holding area for minibus-taxis
  • New access to and from the facility through the new Silvertown development, located east of the site
  • Offices and ablution facilities
  • Fencing for the facility

The PTI facility will consist of a minibus-taxi facility only, with six lanes - five designated loading aisles and one bypass lane. Each aisle will have three loading bays. The loading/ranking area will feature a canopy roof to protect passengers from the sun and rain, and with lighting to improve safety at night.

In order to address the conflict between taxis and general traffic, the facility will have a new designated access via a traffic circle at the Silvertown housing development.

A designated holding area with around 24 parking bays will be provided to the north of the facility, closest to the Silvertown development. This will accommodate the growth of minibus-taxi services at the facility in future.

Offices associated with the PTI facility and public ablution facilities are also proposed to the west of the ranking facility, to integrate with the meat market situated on the western portion of the site.

Since the facility will be fenced, a pedestrian gate will be installed between the PTI and the meat market. A pedestrian walkway is also proposed along the southern boundary of the PTI facility, allowing access to the facility from the new traffic circle and connecting the Silvertown residential development with the facility.

The land uses will be reorganised to respond to proposed road upgrades and pedestrian/public desire lines whilst also channelling the pedestrian flow to minimise vehicle-conflict, thereby increasing pedestrian safety and comfort.

Construction is planned to commence in 2024.

A phased approach

Although this project focuses on the minibus-taxi facility (see A above), the proposal considers future land uses for the remainder of the PTI precinct. The proposal is therefore to adopt an incremental approach that can undergo further detailed planning in the future.

Other future projects include:

B. Road upgrades to Spine Road, Govan Mbeki Road and internal roads within the PTI precinct

C. Design changes to the meat market, including a link with parking and the pedestrian network, and relocating braai stalls lost due to road construction along Govan Mbeki Road.