Melanie Steenbok and Eagon Johnson, both station coordinators at the MyCiTi station in Atlantis, went beyond the call of duty when they returned a cellphone to Margaret Adams, a 70-year-old woman whose grandson recently lost her phone at the station.

Margaret gave the cellphone to her grandson for safe keeping. The phone fell out of his bag without him noticing. Another boy who was also at the station, picked the phone up and gave it to Melanie who spoke to Eagon about how they could track down the owner of the phone.

They checked the recent calls on the phone and found a number of a friend. They called the friend and arranged for the phone to be delivered at the MyCiTi station in Melkbosstrand, where the friend collected the phone and returned it to the owner.

Margaret said: ‘When my grandson told me that he had lost my phone and he had bought me a new one, my heart skipped a bit because my phone is my life. My friend Molly had bought it for me and there is a lot of information on it. I use the phone for church meetings and my grandson also uses it for his studies. I was not interested in a new phone and a new number, I was so used to my old number. When Molly told me that a lady from the station had found my phone and she was going to collect it and bring it to me, I was hugely relieved.’

‘I’ve heard it being said that honest hearts produce honest actions. This is true about the boy who picked up the phone. I am impressed by his honesty and good values; he could have kept the phone for himself but he chose to do the right thing. His good deed is commendable.

‘When someone loses a phone it’s not just about the device but the information stored in it. Thus, I want to applaud Melanie and Eagon for going the extra mile by successfully tracking the owner and ensuring that the phone was returned, bringing much-needed relief, all within the space of two hours. Not only did they make the commuter happy, but their actions have created positive energy in and around our stations and they boosted confidence in our service’, said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.