There will be major improvements to some services on 28 May in response to growing passenger demand and a new stop introduced in the Atlantis area.

More buses on routes 101, 111, 103, 104, 261 and T03

  • Routes 101 and 111 will each improve from a service every 60 minutes to every 24 minutes in the weekday morning and afternoon peaks. This means a bus every 12 minutes for the many passengers who can use either route.
  • Route 103 will improve from a service every 70 minutes to a service every 24 minutes throughout the day on weekdays and every 35 minutes on weekends.
  • Route 104 will improve from a service every 70 minutes to every 20 minutes, all day on weekdays and every 40 minutes on weekends.
  • There will be more frequent services between Adderley and Omuramba stations on route 261. Buses will operate every 8 minutes in the weekday peaks and every 15 minutes during the off peak. Buses will also operate more often on weekends, with a bus every 15 minutes on Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays. 
  • More trips will be added to route T03 between 05:00 and 07:00 and between 12:30 and 15:30 on weekdays to meet the growing demand for this service

Discontinuation of route 116

The weekday peak-only 116 service will no longer operate. It will be replaced by an improved route 104, which connects Waterfront Silo to Civic Centre station every 20 minutes, all day on weekdays. Passengers can also travel beyond the Waterfront Silo to the Waterfront station and on to Sea Point without changing buses on route 104. Click here to see an updated system map effective from 28 May 2022. 

Changes to route 104

The 104 Sea Point – Waterfront – Adderley – Gardens – Oranjezicht route will be adjusted to travel from Sea Point via the Waterfront station and Waterfront Silo along the current 116 route path to Civic Centre station, where it will terminate. The revised 104 Sea Point – Waterfront – Civic Centre route will therefore no longer serve Adderley station or travel onward to the inner city, Gardens and Oranjezicht areas. Click here to see an updated system map effective from 28 May 2022. 

  • Passengers at Adderley station can connect with the Waterfront station on route 113 or catch a route 104 bus from Civic Centre station to Waterfront Silo.
  • Passengers on the adjusted 104 route, including those travelling between Sea Point and the Waterfront can now enjoy a bus every 20 minutes all day long.
  • Passengers at Adderley can still connect with Oranjezicht via route 103.

Removal of Clocktower stop

The temporary Clocktower stop at the Waterfront will be removed from the MyCiTi network. Passengers can make use of the preferred Waterfront Silo stop nearby, reducing travel time for passengers on route 104 by avoiding the extra stop.

New stop for Atlantis

A new stop will be introduced in response to community requests close to the intersection of Meermin Road and Nicobar Street in Atlantis. The Nicobar stop will provide easier, quicker and safer access to MyCiTi services in the vicinity, serving routes 232 and 244, and connecting with the nearby Atlantis station where passengers can change to other routes to reach their destination.