MyCiTi will test a new system of bus traffic signals at four intersections on Blaauwberg Road in Table View from 10 May 2022. Road users are urged to continue to follow the general traffic signals that apply to them, and to approach the intersections with caution while the trial is underway.

The new bus traffic signals are aligned with international best practice and is being tested in consultation with the National Department of Transport. If successful, these bus signals will be rolled out across the MyCiTi system and incorporated into the South African Road Traffic Signs Manual for use by other cities and transport systems in South Africa.

The new bus signal system will be tested at 4 intersections on Blaauwberg Road.

The new bus signals will be installed at the following four intersections in Table View:

  • Blaauwberg Road and Table View MyCiTi Station (R27)
  • Blaauwberg Road and Raatz Drive
  • Blaauwberg Road and Grey Avenue
  • Blaauwberg Road and Janssens Avenue

What road users need to know

  • Don’t stress! The new bus signals apply to MyCiTi only.
  • Whether you are a motorist, pedestrian or other road user, you must continue to follow the rules of the road and the traffic signals that apply to you.
  • Approach all intersections with caution and at a reduced speed.

Share your thoughts

If you have comments or questions, call the Transport Information Centre 24/7 on 0800 65 64 63 (free call) or email

An example of a new MyCiTi bus signal head. White lines or circles light up to indicate when a bus must proceed, turn, slow down or stop.