Passengers in the Dunoon and Milnerton areas can look forward to easier and more convenient access to MyCiTi services in the near future, thanks to the planned rebuild of Phoenix, Usasaza and Dunoon stations starting in 2024.

The rebuild of Phoenix station on Omuramba Road presents the opportunity to choose a new name that better resonates with residents living nearby. The community previously expressed unhappiness with the original Phoenix station name, given its closer proximity to the Joe Slovo area than to the Phoenix suburb nearby.

MyCiTi stops and stations are typically named after the road, nearest side street or major landmark. In this case, another MyCiTi station already bears the road name Omuramba while the closest side street is Freedom Way.

Discussions with local political leadership and the community confirmed “Freedom” as a suitable name choice. The public are now invited to support or object to this proposed name change from “Phoenix” station to “Freedom” station.

Construction is planned to commence in 2024. The rebuilt stations and all future MyCiTi stations will feature more robust building materials and improved security measures to better protect against damage and vandalism.

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In terms of section 17 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act - Act 32 of 2000 - the public and interested parties or groups can submit comments, recommendations or input to the municipality until 30 November 2023.

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The City’s Public Participation Unit will assist those who cannot read or write, live with disabilities or who are from disadvantaged groups and unable to submit written comments. For help, contact Mbuthokazi Kubashe on 021 400 9808 or email