The Dial-a-Ride service is introducing new clipcard tickets on 1 July 2022.

The clipcard ticket system allows passengers to buy tickets in advance in order to reduce the amount of time spent handling money and to ensure a quicker, smoother commute for regular passengers who depend on the service.

Each clipcard will be valid for 10 trips within 14 days of purchase. This is the equivalent of one pick-up and one drop-off every weekday for a week. The trips can however be used at any time within the 14 days, so missing out on some trips in the first week means that they can still be used in the second week.

The driver will be required to clip each card before the start of each trip. This manual clipcard system was preferred over a modern, digital alternative due to challenges accessing and using digital platforms by some users.

Dial-a-Ride fares are based on distance travelled and the clipcards will be available in different colours, one for each distance band. For example, a green clipcard will apply to passengers travelling 0-5km and will cost R90 (R9 per trip x 10 trips).

Clipcards will be sold aboard the vehicles on weekdays and a mobile point of sale machine will be available to accept debit and credit cards for payment, including SASSA cards. All other travel can only be settled in cash, including trips by passengers who work irregular days or shifts as well as casual travellers.

Passengers should look after their clipcards and have them easily available whenever they travel.

Although the popular Dial-a-Ride service remains oversubscribed, the clipcard ticket is one measure being introduced to improve the service for existing passengers while efforts are underway to ensure that all public transport services across the city become more universally accessible.