MyCiTi taking senior citizens places

Senior citizens who belong to the Living Legends, a Table View Seniors’ Club, use the MyCiTi bus service for the majority of their monthly excursions. Many of the seniors live with their children, some in retirement villages and some in their own homes.

Earlier today, the Living Legends seniors, who are aged between 60 and 90 years, took a trip to the Mojo Market in Sea Point.

Councillor Brett Herron, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, caught up with them at the MyCiTi station in Sea Point.

‘I am overwhelmed because providing an efficient, integrated public transport system that works for Capetonians of all ages, especially our most vulnerable citizens, is the at the heart of our commitment.

‘Senior citizens often lose their independence, feel isolated and miss out on things happening in and around their area due to complications associated with old age that affects their ability to move around with ease.

‘It warms my heart to see that the MyCiTi bus service could assist in restoring the dignity of our senior citizens by increasing their ability to engage socially with their environment. Interaction with the world around us reduces loneliness and improves mental health, no matter what your age,’ said Councillor Herron.

The seniors also use the bus service for shopping, hospital visits and attending meetings.

‘We take the MyCiTi bus from West Beach monthly to do our shopping at Bayside. We also use the MyCiTi bus to go to the Living Legends monthly meeting as we do not have any transport,’ said Bev Bos and her mother, Irma Blackburn.

‘I have taken the MyCiTi bus on three occasions to the Home Affairs Office in Cape Town. It is safe to walk from the Civic Centre to the Home Affairs Office. I will never consider going to town by car because on the MyCiTi bus you have no parking problems, no traffic, it is fast, it is safe and it is cheap,’ said Marianne Clayden.

‘I encourage other groups and individuals to take advantage of the MyCiTi service during off-peak times as it is cheaper for people to use, has spare capacity, and travels to many great places to visit,’ said Cllr Herron.

‘I want to challenge other senior citizens around the city to make use of the MyCiTi bus. It is a wonderful, safe and fun way to explore our beautiful city,’ said the Living Legends chairperson, Betz Maritz.

Cape Town
21 September 2019